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About us

Document Management Insight S.A. (DOMAIN) was successfully involved in information management projects in the past 30 years : procedures and technical documentation intranets, state archives, corporate libraries and documentation centers automation, bank documents archival.

Our references include large and small companies throughout Europe, state and federal bodies in Switzerland, banks, insurances, financial institutions, public media in Switzerland and France.

DOMAIN distributes and supports OPENTEXT's robust document collection and high performance search and retrieval solution "Livelink Collections Server" (formerly BASIS) and corporate library management solution "Livelink Library Management" (formerly TECHLIB) in Switzerland. A single partner for license sales, hotline support, development & implementation of applications, data migration and training.

In the last 10 years, we were closely involved in private banking CRM (CRO, compliance, client admin, back office) and EDMS (spools, scanned documents) solutions.


Created in 1993, DOMAIN is a spin-off from Information Dimensions Europe, a subsidiary of Battelle Research Laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland. IDE's european headquarter was responsible for the distribution and support of Information Dimensions products in Europe and the Middle-East. Our consultants participated to the development, migration and porting of BASIS/TECHLIB in Europe and the USA, provided pre-sales and post-sales support to clients throughout Europe and in Australia.


Incorporated in 1991, OPENTEXT acquired Information Dimensions in 1998 and integrated BASIS/TECHLIB to serve as secured data repositories for their global Entreprise Content Management solution Livelink.

Over 50'000 companies use OPENTEXT solutions to unleash the power of information based on OPENTEXT’s five EIM pillars: Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Experience Management (CEM), Information Exchange, and Discovery. Read more about the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) market leader at

Livelink Collection Server

"Livelink Collections Server" (CS) enables organizations to manage large collections of business-critical documents on the Internet, an intranet/extranet without compromising requirements for reliability, scalability, security, flexibility and control.

Designed for specialized information center solutions, CS easily manages hybrid document collections consisting of both documents and metadata.

Used by major commercial and government information centers, CS is optimized for managing large document collections and is ideally suited for : research and records management, technical document publishing, legislative tracking, content archives, litigation support, competitive intelligence, product catalogs.

The Document Collection Manager is at the core of CS. Operating on Unix/Linux, Microsoft Windows and HP OpenVMS, it is an exceptionally powerful specialized database server providing centralized control over document collections and their associated attributes, distributed access and administration. It features relational database tables to store documents and their associated data. It provides for : database support for storing, rendering, indexing and searching many types of document and image objects including all MS-Office formats, PDF, WordPerfect and many more using Oracle's Outside-In technology.

CS supports traditional relational queries as well as text queries against structured and unstructured text. The same query enables users to search for words, phrases, subject headings, names, dates or ideas within structured attributes (metadata) or the text of a document.

CS offers a powerful thesaurus with support for all thesaurus relationships defined in ANSI Z39.19. Commercial thesauri can be easily loaded into CS and further customized to support organizational-specific nomenclature.

CS applications generally require high data integrity. Strict validation rules and authority control can be defined using data types, legal lists, thesauri, patterns and relational lookup tables.

Livelink Library Management

"Livelink Library Management" (LM) is an integrated, modular library management solution for automating acquisitions, cataloging, searching and circulation functions for books and other library materials.

LM is a web-based application for managing library resources - including traditional and digital collections - and automating daily library operations. LM streamlines and facilitates the day-to-day operations of a corporate, government or organizational library.

Along with the core components (Cataloging and OPAC), optional modules can be set up : the Circulation module includes functions for checking out, renewing, checking in and placing holds on library materials. The Serials module automates management of the periodicals collection. The Acquisitions module automates ordering and receiving library and departmental materials. The MARC Import/Export module allows the exchange of bibliographic data stored in MARC format.

LM uses a three-tier architecture : a web browser client for presentation. The middle tier, a Microsoft Windows application server, provides the business rules and application logic for library services. The database tier running CS on Unix/Linux, Microsoft Windows and HP OpenVMS.

Banking CRM and EDMS


  • ensure the critical CRM application remains available at all times
  • coordinate and implement requests from network, server, database, access rights, client admin, back office, CRO and compliance
  • provide planned migrations and upgrades, testing & QA, support for subsidiaries worldwide


  • provide fully automated archival, printing, envelop folding fonctionalities to production team
  • develop Postscript, PDF spools and scans manipulation utilities
  • provide planned migrations and upgrades, support for subsidiaries worldwide


DOMAIN is small, flexible and effective. We are experienced in development, implementation, migration :

  • implementation of efficient corporate information center, library management, archiving, imaging and CMS/EDMS, CRM solutions
  • system and application development
  • migration on multiple platforms, databases, operating systems and applications environments
  • integration of heterogeneous systems
  • product and customer support